Winter Point Oysters – A Gift of Nature

If oyster perfection is an impossible pursuit, we are devoted to achieving
the impossible.

An extraordinary product from a singular place on earth – a gift of nature. Winter Point Oysters are infused with a brew of marine mud, cold tidal waters, and a rich, constant supply of minerals from the Atlantic that flow in and out of the cove where they are raised. While some oysters develop their taste on the water’s surface, the origins revealed in the flavor of Winter Points can be traced directly to the ocean floor of this special Maine location.

Farming the waters for the wonders that lie beneath…

Winter Point Oysters are farmed year-round from land that has served as a saltwater farm for more than 300 years.

Harvested beneath the backdrop of bone-chilling January winters and spectacular coastal summers, owners John Hennessey and Jim Hennessey personally choose each oyster by hand for its consistent excellence and plate-worthy beauty.

Winter Point Oysters are, despite demand, limited by the owners’ loyalty to a natural harvesting period, and are known locally as an exclusive product.

Because of their unique provenance, flavor characteristics, and dedicated business practices, Winter Point Oysters are considered the finest – both by elite chefs and discerning consumers from Maine to California.

“Winter Points are the burgundy of oysters”

– Daniel Boulud of Daniel

New York City

Mill Cove, an oyster paradise…

Ideal for oyster growth, Mill Cove provides a vortex of superior flavor conditions. The cove is situated ten miles from open ocean, away from the ocean’s natural filters but subject to a tidal flow that provides the best of the Atlantic’s nutrients.

Salinity, clarity, a particular sweetness, a robust meatiness, the coveted briny flavor…near oyster perfection in a union of geographically-specific conditions that would be impossible, if you tried, to replicate.

“…they have an especially deep cup which we particularly like and the oyster itself has a meatiness and unique salinity which makes it very special”

– Eric Ripert of Le Bernadin

New York City

Winter Point Oysters — A Gift of Nature

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Photography by Zach Bowen